The foundry is committed to providing high quality work experience for anyone wanting to learn about sculpture casting
and gain an insight in to the workings of the art foundry.

We have evolved a varied programme, welcoming people from all over the world including students,
practicing artists and people with an interest in sculpture

We offer ten places a year. The work experience runs for one week, giving an overview of the whole process from mould to patina.
The programme is open to anyone over 18 but due to the demand you need to apply using the form provided.

Work experience is completely free.

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“Fantastic in-depth educational experience.¬† Completely changed me as an artist, I’ve picked up skills for life. Thank you.”
Cody Blair

"Like a kid in a candy shop" is the expression that springs immediately to mind when I think back to my week at Castle Fine Arts foundry in Llanrhaeadr. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect during the week, I had hoped to refamiliarise myself with the process of working with wax, possibly look at mould making and make a strong connection between the work in the studio and finished bronzes coming out of the foundry. What I hadn't expected was to be embraced with such warmth interest and enthusiasm from everyone, from the office to the foundry floor. Everybody was keen to talk about their work and find out how they might be able to support me, at times people would actively seek me out to share with me some new idea or to introduce to some new and interesting process. The whole energy in the foundry is infectious, people trust support each other in tasks and they take tremendous pride in the work they do; the organization is inspirational and many businesses large ad small would do well to take a look at the Castle Fine Arts ethos. The works of art they handle on a daily basis are all precious to them; they are all artisans proud to be entrusted with the work of other artists.
It soon became clear to me that I could pretty much do anything I wanted and would be supported wherever possible, so began an intense and seemingly all to brief creative outpouring. From the TIG welders and fabricators scrap buckets to the wax workers cast offs, hot wax benches and the foundry floor and patinating room I participated fully. I rediscovered that primal playfulness that I feel all artists search for, that moment when the ideas flow freely and incessantly and time just vanishes. I may not have produced any masterpieces, but I am very happy with the work that I initiated that week, more importantly I feel revitalized, excited and motivated to develop new work, which I think is the ultimate purpose
of a residency.
A big thank you to Castle Fine Arts and everyone who I met and supported me,
it is a gift that will live long in the memory and will continue to keep giving."
Tim Rawlins